Diablo 2 - Blizzard gave up

Hi Blizzard,

I hereby demand you to immedaitely refund all people all costs for Diablo 2 & LoD costs to there Battlenet accounts.

I would call it a fraud that you still are selling this game which is 90% of the time not playable due to ~300-2000 queues in Europe and worse in US realms.

What i can read, there has been queue issues since day 1 of Ladder reset this years in June. So you had a prio1 incident ongoing since 6months ago and you have done NOTHING about a solution for all your customers. This is a 100% pure mockery from your site!

There are alot of rumours about this issue, that it is not your fault, that you are being exposed to an IT-attack. Where known dupers (that you never done anything about) now exploits your servers with faulty packets by packet sending and tricking your servers that xxxx games creation is being made without actual games created. Where you then with or without meaning turn of some dupe prevention mechanics, where rollback is enabled.

If that is ~true, it is obvious that you cannot handle those IT-attacks/dupers. I dont care about duped items/inflation of ingame economic. I just want to play by myself, and now i cannot:


  1. increase infrastructure -> add 100% more servers/esx hosts: dupers can continues while you still look for a fix/mitigation from the attack. And players can still use your game.
  2. involve your SOC team, implement business standard tools as: (N)IDS. Detect patterns from what IPs/patterns from the attackers= block them
  3. close servers, refund all players in Battle.net with 150% in balance of costs from Diablo2/LoD costs. And we can move to more serious actors like Path of Diablo or others…

I’ve decided to quit from Diablo 2, I’ve stared few weeks ago and now is impossible to play for the queues that grow every 6 hours.


Are you playing Single Player? Huges queues 24/7 on US/EU realms.
US East: 4551 in queue
US West: 1188 in queue
EU: 1857 in queue

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As far as I know the queues began about 2-3 weeks ago, just hours after we received a “This realm is going down in 10 minutes” message. The queues started off nice and low, 1-5 seconds tops. 3 days later 30 sec queues, 7 days 2 min queues and now we have about +5 minutes queues. I’m speaking for the Europe realm. I know that our friends over the Atlantic Ocean have been suffering extreme queues for quite some time.

There’s either something wrong with the servers, or servers are being shut down intentionally. Another possible scenario is that Americans are fleeing to the Europe realm to get away from their monstrous queues. Either way, it’s not looking good.

A blue post would’ve been nice. That’s not too much to ask for, right? :upside_down_face:


Try playing ladder softcore.

Blue comment wont solve the issue :smiley:

if US players are moving to EU, queues on US should be reducing

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I can confirm. That’s exactly what happened. 2-3 weeks ago there was absolutely no problem. They did server restart as Bear said , and since then we are experiencing those ques and it’s getting worse every day. Yesterday it was ~500 in que (2-3 min waiting time), today started with 1500(5-7min) and it’s currently 2300(more than 10 min). By the end of the week it will be half an hour with that kind of progression. Last restart was a week ago, it fixed the problem for like 5 hours and then It reappeared. Nothing has been done since.


These servers need to be sorted out ASAP!! Im playing singleplayer at the moment because of the extreme ques… Whats goinging on!!! Diablo 2 is not priorty anymore? well, havent been for years but still. People are playing the game and enjoy it, fix the servers!!


US East: 4643 in queue, queue time: 2203sec
US West: 789 in queue, queue time: 125sec
EU: 2177 in queue, queue time: 580sec

@Blizzard why are you silence?

Same here… and it’s damn annoying!
I started playing again and am honestly re-living the whole DIablo II Battle.net experience which I LOVE.
But for the last week the queues are ridiculously long… queues of 2k+ people and even after I wait for all that time to pass the game does not get created!

Blizzard should seriously consider some small upgrade to these servers as they are causing many of us a lot of annoyance and bad words towards those servers…


I just want some information on why this is happening. 3k queues atm. We’re up 1k in just 2 days :slight_smile:


Yes. Give us some informations. Or just end it all… but as it is now, its a disgrace to blizzard and mainly to d2… and also fix the rename function… another thing that just faded away without any comment or information…


Hmm, radiosilence from blizzard aswell. Guess they gave up for real this time…


I never expected this silence from Blizzard. We all bought the game and help the company to be what Blizzard is now. We are still consumers and till now no even a word about these issues. I can see a total disrespect from blizzard for those who contribute yours proffits. Too bad for all gamers.


How comes nobody from Blizzard is even acknowledging the problem? I take it most players don’t even bother complaining here but this is serious. We simply cannot play the game we love.

If Diablo 2 is discontinued, then say it’s discontinued, turn off BNet for d2 players and so be it.

Because you’re succesfully killing D2 on BNet.

I play hc ladder europe and it’s near impossible to create a game. Simply creating one game can take up to 20 minutes.

Like the others: problems started after a “realm going in 10 minutes” message.

Someone, somewhere, badly screwed up.

Is there at least someone, anyone, looking at this?

Are we even going to get some PR “we’ll look into this” answer (that probably shall end up exactly nowhere)?

In more than 20 years as a loyal Blizzard customer, this is the most WTF thing I’ve ever seen.

You’re not punishing botters/dupers: you’re punishing legit players from enjoying a game they love.

It’s been going on 24/7 since weeks: shame on you Blizzard.

Just shame on you.


P.S: and btw I’ve never ran a single “bot” program. You are actively punishing legit players.


Yeah this is ridiculous. Being charged 20 euro for this game, and can barely play it. Either the queue’s are stupidly long that by the time I get online there’s no point anymore, or the few days we manage the connect quickly, the game just randomly kicks us out, locking our characters in the process.

Can’t even submit tickets to them due “unknown errors”, and they don’t even bother replying over Twitter either. This company used to be great and had amazing support. Now it’s a joke.


It get’s even better now:

  • No response over Twitter whatsoever
  • Can’t file a Ticket either cause their server errors out with an HTTP 500.

So much for this company having functional servers.
I thought this was Blizzard, and not Ubisoft.

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You mean microsoft? :smiley:


Sadly I can get a response from Microsoft easier and faster then this company…

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Seems like Blizzard did something atlast… Hope it keeps like this!

Nov 19 / 2:31 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 2:06 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 1:47 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 1:17 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 12:51 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 12:27 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 19 / 12:07 AM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 18 / 11:39 PM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 18 / 11:11 PM - 0 queue - 1s create
Nov 18 / 10:50 PM - 0 queue - 0s create
Nov 18 / 10:26 PM - 0 queue - 0s create
Nov 18 / 10:01 PM - 0 queue - 0s create
Nov 18 / 9:44 PM - 282 queue - 435s create
Nov 18 / 8:14 PM - 102 queue - 168s create
Nov 18 / 6:48 PM - 3468 queue - 3314s create
Nov 18 / 5:31 PM - 3440 queue - 2738s create
Nov 18 / 4:24 PM - 3482 queue - 3536s create