Diablo 2 bnet login issues

Hello for well over a year i have had issues trying to play diablo 2 on bnet EU server. i literally have to sit and type my login info over and over for 20 mins sometimes just to get loged on and then soon as i switch toons it happens again, it makes the game unplayable. this has been going on well over a year. i have tried on multiple pcs and with multiple internet connections and nothing seams to fix the issue. here is the error i get.
“diablo 2 was unable to connect to the realm server. the realm you selected may be unavalible or you may be anavalible or you may be encountering connection issues. please make sure your internet connection is working properly and or your firewall has port 6112 opened” and ontop of this 2 x of my lvl 90 + fully gears toons as just disspeared just the one toons axe is worth more then ur avg players entire accounts (100% perf grief zerker axe) . im getting realy annoying as i have owned and played diablo 2 since day one and i am unable to play the game i paid for. any help would be welcome.

Hello K1ngk1lla,

This is a duplicate post you already posted in a related thread so please avoid make duplicate posts in the forum. Closing this one