|Diablo 2| Renaming Character impossible for 9 months now

Hello Community and Blizzard Support,

I have been desperately trying to rename my sorceress for 9 months now, using the command /rename-character confirm in channel on Europe bnet.

As error occurs that the new char name would have been taken already- but that’s impossible, since I got the char name as lvl 1 char and delete it minutes before I type in the new name in the online formular sent by Blizzard mail.

“Your request has not been completed.
A character with the name already exists. Click here to retry”

Furthermore, I usually wait more than 20-30 minutes after I had logged out my sorceress before I start the renaming-process.

Also, the character has never been renamed before and also never another char on my bnet account.

I’m enormously interested in getting a solution for that problem, since my sorceress is my last “project” I really want to finish - that new char name is the last missing part on my road to perfection :wink:

Really thanks a lot in advance for your help!