Diablo 2 servers is down (solved)

So the diablo 2 servers have been down for awhile now.
Any eta when they will be working again?


Idk why the Blizzard Customer Support team always waits as long as possible before they comment. Would be nice to get an official post just saying “we are aware, we have no eta. Go outside instead of googling for answers like a psycho”.


Blizzard, are we still account restricted? Everytime this happends you imply we’ve recieved a temporary ban.

Funny, loging into the game every channel screams about the same issue, over 4000+ queue time to make a game…

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We are aware of this issue and we do have people looking into it.
We do not as yet have an ETA for a solution, sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Thanks for letting us know that youre trying to fix it! Please get back when and if you have any updates :slight_smile:


Sounds great. I was afraid Baal would escape, without us to contain him.
Please make sure the people looking into it is well equip, in case the prime evils try to escape.

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We need to farm ! Diablo 2!

Always the same basic replies from blizz. “We are looking into it”… Last time I heard this, the issue still isn’t fixed.

Please fix the servers this incident have been ongoing for many many hours now. And it’s Global what are you doing? Keep is properly updated on twitter or something at this point!

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My friend 1/4 day broken and you are not fix it. It is no good.

guys why so salty? they´re workin on it and at least they let us know. flaming doesnt make anything better in this point

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6 hours of downtime for an issue that should have been detected and remedied in 15 minutes is why we’re salty.

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por lo menos que nos digan que esta pasando y el tiempo estimado …

Because nothing ever gets fixed. It’s not being “salty” when you have issues like the connection issues on West that have been happening since April and we also got the “It’s being looked into” line then too. Clearly just letting Blizz know about issues is not good enough, and it’s not “flaming” if it’s true. Blizzard has had a reputation for years now of ignoring simple issues (and bigger issues) and never giving a resolution or informing the community of what is happening.


u gotta be kidding dude taking their side on this defending their actions lmao they took 7 hours to tell us that theyre workin on it?

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He/she obviously have stockholmsyndrome :wink:

Well said and agree 100%! Craptivsion has ruined Blizzard’s customer service and it wont get any better!


Seems to work now! Thanks Blizz you guys are awesome!

PLEASE fix this already. My city is in lockdown and I bought this game 4 days ago and now no servers. Not good enough. This is like Diablo 3 launch all over again. It feels like same sh*t different decade from Blizzard.

Never understood Y DIZZMAL has such bad management. ONLY MAJORCRAP is worse POS. My opinion