Diablo 2 was unable to connect to the realm server

I am trying to log into US East on battle.net in diablo 2. I was literally just playing the game earlier today with no issues. When I enter my password to log in, the following message appears:

“Diablo II was unable to connect to the realm server. The realm you selected may be unavailable or you may be encountering connection issues. Please make sure your internet connection is working properly and/or your firewall has port 6112 opened.”

I did a search online for this error message and it seems plenty of other people have had this same issue. I came across a post that has a list of possible reasons an account may be temporarily banned. I haven’t done a single thing listed. This is pretty ridiculous to be honest. I bought the game so I could play it, not get banned from it for literally no reason whatsoever. I expect this to be dealt with immediately. This is completely unacceptable.


Same here mate, can’t connect to Bnet.

if someone was able to find how to fix it, please let us know, i been having the same problem… i bought 3 sets of keys for my borthers and I, and we are all getting this stupid error


This error occurs when you attempt to connect to the game using a proxy, VPN.

You can disable your proxy or VPN connection, restart your computer and try again.

If you disabled your proxy or VPN and still receive this error please reply here with your internet service provider information and a WinMTR trace. You can upload these files on Pastebin and reply here with the Pastebin link using the preformatted text option (</>).

Ive been having this same issue for well over a year, ive been trying to open a ticket for weeks to try finally get it fixed but i cant even get a ticket opened :confused: i not not using prox or vpn or anything of the sort. i have tried on multiple pcs and multiple internet connections and get the same issues no matter what. would really like a fix i find it unacceptable to be unable to play a game i have paid for not to mention bought like 6 sets of d2 cdkeys over they years. i now use my diablo 3 collectiors ed copys of d2 and d2 lod. im sorry but blizzard support has really gone down hill ive been buying blizz games since warcraft one and had active WOW accounts since 2004. i had 2 active subs my gfs and mine. but once again my gf had issues and we went round and round trying to get it sorted and eventually just cancelled both our subs because of bad service. dunno why i am even bother i know as always ill be let down and continue not being able to play the game i paid for.

Hey k1ngk1lla,

This error is very specific for proxy/VPN usage so if you are sure you haven’t any VPN installed check if you have the Windows/Mac proxy configuration active and in case disable it as explained in that guide and restart your machine.

If the issue persists we would need your Internet Service Provider name and also a WinMTR trace. You can upload it on Pastebin and reply here with the Pastebin link using the preformatted text option (</>).

How to know if I am in a VPN, the second place where I live is an area far from the city. The way to provide internet is different. I already tried three Internet “providers” and the error is the same. I already did the proxy thing, and disable the firewall. Where i can anexx WinMTR?

Ty for your help

Hey Antidel2,

You can provide your System Files and a WinMTR trace which checks your ISP connection path. You can upload these files on Pastebin and reply here with the Pastebin link using the preformatted text option (</>).

I am also getting this error. It was in the midst of muling. I’m no stranger to the timeouts we get for logging in and out too fast but it has never been this msg. It only effects the realm i was on (USEast). I can log into uswest just fine so it isn’t an issue with my proxy/vpn (which are not used anyhow) as described by the blizz rep. it has been 2 hours which is beyond what those little timeouts are. I followed the instructions to check proxy and, as I knew, it wasn’t active.

I am also facing the same issue that @BwZ is facing. I cant’ access USEast with the error mentioned in the topic, but am successfully able to connect to USWest.

same here rakafella, happened about an hour ago for me.

I have the same issue on USEast … no VPN or proxy being used, walked through the help guide listed by Shilmael above and rebooted. Still doesn’t work.

im having the same problem as the 3 people ^ ahead of my post will there be a post about this in another part of the forums?

Same issue, I was literally playing 2 hours ago. I don’t even have a VPN

same issue. no vpn, no proxy. I can also get on uswest but not useast.

Hello, I don’t know if you are seeing this but there seems to be an issue with US East

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Having the same issue, I know I’m not using a VPN either.

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For the Realm Down issue is the problem happening again this morning? Please let us know in a new topic as I will close this old thread for an older Realm Server issue.