Diablo 3 Need Help

I was playing on a seasonal character on diablo 3 when my friend invited my other xbox account (I had two microsoft accounts logged in on xbox at the same time whilst playing diablo 3), and it switched to my other account which wasn’t seasonal and said network error, so I log back in with the right account which has my seasonal character on it and find that I still have my paragon but all my characters are gone, the only thing gear wise I have left is the stuff in my stash but I have had to start again at level one. I had 10+ characters now they are now all gone.


Did you have some backup of your Diablo III hero files ?

You might want to post in the Diablo III forums… you’re more likely to run into someone that might be able to help you… if that’s possible. This forum here is for technical support on the Classic Games… legacy games such as Diablo II (2000) and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

There are a few categories on the Diablo III fourms where you might be able to get some help from other players:

The Europe region Console Discussion forum is not very frequented… but not completely dead yet. My suggestion would be to use the Americas region forums, which are more active.

Good luck with this.

Hello there.

As Boubou mentions, this issue would be best reported via the Diablo III forums. Regarding the specific issue, we have a support article regarding console characters below :