Diablo 4 combat feels.. Slow and heavy

I remember contantly being engaged in Diablo 3s combat since I could always adapt, change tactics and do my skills/spells. Diablo 4 feels so slow and boring when you are stuck waiting for animations to finish. Playing a barbarian and when i rush up to an enemy with my basic skill i have to let go ouf the mousebutton and click again for the character to start swising, otherwise hes just running around the enemy. It just dosent feel right. It feels like the really put all their cards into making it look good and realistic, but forgot the feeling of Diablo in the process. Really hope they change that.

Im gonna give Diablo 4 a few weeks to get things right before I spend 69 freaknin euros… Insane price when they have ingame shop for real cash. Dosent matter if its only cosmetics(For now…) If not then its not gonna be a game for me.