Diablo 4 queue 100+ minutes

God, what a pathetic team you are. 100 minutes of waiting for a pre-beta… I wonder how long it will be in the open beta. you have not learned anything in all these years, a huge void in your head. you are hopeless


160 minutes now, get to level 20 for a reward? - how about deploying enough servers? can’t even get on!


people pay they play early acess


I paid 100 euros to sit like a fool in front of the PC, because Blizzard doesn’t want to spend too much money to invest in more servers. extremely shameful on their part, maybe Microsoft will create a new, more competent team…


It’s not just the wait times though! I waited the 120 minutes to get on, managed to play for 30 mins and then got DC’d straight back into another 120 min queue, not a single connection issue on my end may I add.

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Its a Big Scam from blizzard. We pay 100€ for preaccess beta. And reality is that only few players can connect and play.
KFC give preaccess key Every customer who buy menu. They dont pay 100€. Pay only few dolars. And now everybody from this blizz KFC scam can join into preaccess and they block servers. Shame on you greedy blizzard.


I paid a expensive pre-order just to have a f***ing queue? You gotta be f… kidding me Blizzard.


This a joke or what? If you cant guarantee play time while you advertise and receive money for it from people like myself then either refund or start acting… This is the biggest BS i have seen in a while.

Whats the hell… Payd 99 euros to get 200 min queue, plaing tu lvl 5, deconnected, queue 200 min, and 200 min again because deconnected, 230 min… whan we can play the beta???

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After waiting an hour in queue for a 2 hour queue, “my connection was lost” and my queue reset to 142 minutes.

This is absolutely pathetic. Why advertise that the game “can be played” if all you get is a load and queue screen.

If the queue is going to constantly disconnect what are our available recourses?

Do we get extended play time after this 3 day window? or are we just screwed until the next window, next weekend?

Right now, I see false advertisement and broken promises.


Have played 5 minutes (after xxx tries and 100 minutes waiting time), then disconnected and again never ending queues with time-out message to connect??? Come on, get serious and try to hire professionals to manage this correctly, it’s ridiculous, especially selling the product giving “early” access…

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The beta started very disappointingly. After waiting in the queue for more than 60 minutes, I was able to play for 20 minutes until I was kicked out. After that I had to wait again more than 120 minutes to login . With such problems, I hope that the beta phase will be extended - after a fix.

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Same here, I made it to level 4 with my character before disconnecting. I enjoyed what I played so far, but disconnect and login issues ruined the game. I spent another hour queuing up, just to be disconnected. Come Blizzard… it can’t be a surprise that many players are logging in. You sold the early access and knew the crowd to come… or is it part of your marketing strategy? Everybody reports Diablo IV beta is broken… so there is a lot of free coverage. While a smooth beta would probably create less noise…?

Blizzard you better lengthen the early access play timeline with at least a day, as connection issues and server down time is ruining everyones game time…

The thing is, if this early access beta is supposed to be a network stress test, well just say so beforehand and don’t include it in the pre-purchase package, so that people know what they are paying for. As often, all other things aside, honest communication is missing.

Not sure if it applies to a Beta… But the same danger exists for the release. One would think there would be some sort of consumer protection laws for these things. Always-Online requirement from the player?.. Okay, then there must be a legal obligation to maintain server stability. Honestly, just put in an optional Offline mode… less hassle… more fun.

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That is awful toxic language to use. Its a Beta. If you dont want to be part of it do something else. Let the Devs do what they need to do and get the go live right. You need to realise what they are doing in the background calling them names and there capability is just stupid and ignorant.


8 hours of trying has yielded 15 minutes of playtime.

Next time, remember to put a big f***ing disclaimer on your expensive game:



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