Diablo 4 : Seasons ladder reward idea

i’ve been a diablo fan since diablo1, with that said ofc i want to see diablo4 succeed for many years, dind’t know how to share my idea and hope you can forward this to the team:

If you could implement as a season reward for the ladders, lets say for the top10 players in each category a statue of his/her character as we can see in game, with their equipment and in the base of the statue a platform with the player ranking in the season for the rewarded category with the battle tag.

Having this idea in mind, beside using diablo4 cash shop to buy skins to change the appearance in-game, your most devoted and skilled players could also be getting a physical figure of their season journey representation.

You would be making more sales in the cash shop for skins, cause players would want to have a nice statue of their characters sent home and it would make a bit of a firewood in the ladders competition for that special reward.

kind regards,