Diablo Immortal: Mobile Controls on PC Client?

I’m forced on my PC, to play on an MOBILE Emulator Diablo Immortal because the PC Client does not allow to cast spells with mouse clicks.

Altough i don’t mind a bit of RETRO-Gaming… this is 2022, why can’t i CAST SPELLS WHILE I’M RUNNING???

Because on the PC Client, i’m FORCED to use the SAME finger for Forward Movement AND to cast two spells (spell 2 and 3)! The Mouse is only used only to point… it may be a nice feature for disabled people that only have 1 arm but makes the PC Client VASTELLY INFERIOR to the Emulator Controls, where i can actually use both my hands simultaneously in Movement and in Casting spells… ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

IT’S MAGICAL what technology from non-1980 can do!!!
Please implement an option that allow the player to use the same TWO hands control sistem as the mobiles (or in Mobile Emulators).