Diablo immortal PC is not working

Good afternoon,
I install on my PC the Diablo Immortal but I have the message that:
,This game cannot be played yet’’. The game is not available yet for PC?
Thank you

Correct… the game will become available (beta version) at 10:00 AM PST (18:00 BST)… See the map here:

Best of luck with the game…


Also… you will want to review this blog:


Thank you very much for your answer

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The Beta on PC is now live, please report any Bugs you encounter in our Bug Report forums.

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Any reason it say still game cannot be play yet ?
I am in Portugal so it should be on

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Same here - not available to play yet on pc. working fine on my mobile. Sort it out Devs.

You have your account registered to one of the countries where Immortal is not available. Please update your country to Portugal.

Please make sure, that the App is up-to-date and the date and time in your operating system is todays. It may also help to delete the Cache and Tools folder.

My account is indeed set up on Belgium, and I am in portugal,
But when I use a VPN to the UK, I can play …
Also to change my country I open a ticket 18 hours ago. still waiting for the change.

If you could help Ticket Number: EU82121707

We can’t speed up a ticket here in the forums and can only ask you to wait.

I do understand this, but
Like I say, I am in Portugal, and cannot click the play button,
If I use VPN to the UK, I can play. (Even if My ticket is still open for more then 24 hours to change my country, so this is not the reason I can not click the play button)
The game is not restricted to Portugal, so is this a bug or is the game not release in Portugal yet?

Same here. First download Diablo Immortal on mobile while I was in Vietnam. Now I am back to Japan and still can play on my phone but can not install on my PC.