Diablo Immortal's system punishes people for playing. You lost me on 3rd game in row

So, after pathetic HotS (WoW) and disgusting experience in Hearthstone here comes Diablo Immoral. I gave it a try, played a lot. I get mobile games, system, money milking, battle passes and stuff, even P2W approach as vomit inducing as it is. I can get that, you don’t make games anymore, you make money making systems EXCLUSIVELY. OK.
But man, as hard as I tried to overlook these things and actually give a shot to this solely profit making creation I just reached the ceiling. YES, ANOTHER CEILING!
Once you reach weekly activity cap, activities no longer provides XPs and no longer count towards battlepass, stupid, but ok. BUT you CANNOT even stack or farm them for next week. Because it just won’t generate those activity points. ACTIVITY points for my ACTIVITY playing the game!
Just did 8 bounties for garbage gold and useless rubbish just to watch my points I saved not move an inch. I litertally got nothing to do and I’m not even hardcore trying grinding. My xp gains are lowered, drop rates are just spit to face and my activity gives me just pain in battlegrounds and useless repetetive activity which doesn’t reward me accordingly. I get that this is mobile adict-creating bounty simulator which is tailored for people not playing it many hours a day. But even if I would play it and been having fun, I’m punished. And there is SO MUCH MORE of these problems I’m not gonna even bother. Good luck milking those divorced dads.
You went from most beloved companies to actual spitbucket of vomit everybody hates and that’s an achievement you earned through hard work and contrary to your “game” you were able to achiev it that way.
Scumminess has no limits and Activision Blizzard is solid MVP on that leaderboard. Keep it up, you won’t disappoint me I’m pretty sure, as you did with all your practices past a decade.