Diablo IV Beta experience

The Diablo IV Beta experience is not too good currently. High lags in general.

World boss is limited. Last week I missed it because of game crashes, Today already crashed 30 mins before world boss spawn and cannot log back since. So again a world boss missed because of bad beta setup.

Druid is underwhelming. You cannot use your abilities at the same time. If you press your buttons simultaneously, some abilities either don’t trigger, or with high delay. Some abilities, especially with pets are doing this even if they are the only ability you use. In general druid abilities are underwhelming and the class is not too fun to play.

Bad design for primary resource building characters vs. primary resource spending characters. This isn’t too much of an issue in dungeons, but in world. Not the biggest issue, but still annoying for resource builders, like Barbarian and Druid. While others can burst their enemy fast, these classes have to spend time to build their resources. Which makes their game less fluent compared to other classes. If their resource builder abilities were stronger, that could mitigate some of these issues. Especially on single mobs, or smaller groups.

While main quest line is awesome and interesting, side quests are mostly annoying and boring. But this is based on my personal preference. I hope you can avoid them as much as possible in the live version.

It’s harder to differ between elit mobs and trash than in Diablo 3. Coloring nameplates is a must. The affix indicator on mobs while are visible, doesn’t tell you anything about their abilities without looking them up on the internet. Would be great to have a kinda codex, or sthg. which you can read any time to refresh your knowledge about these. Ofc. after some time played the indicators will become familiar, but at the beginning it would be helpful.

I already bought the game, but if these issues will stay with live version, then it’ll be a rip-off.

Game looks awesome… but

stutters at random points, memory usage through the roof 83% of 32gb taken… lowered down texture quality… still 70 odd procent. rediculous. Not buying it till its sorted.

shame really.

I7-13700K, 32gb DDR5, RTX3080, Game and system running on NVMe

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