Diablo IV is it going to be P2W - I am so paranoid they going to do that

Being so excited with D4 - but watching the developer interview makes me worried that there will be micro transactions again, They mentioned (CREST) like tokens to upgrade your dungeon, I wonder if they will be pay to get items, DI really messed up with the way they implemented it - I don’t mind paying for seasons but for PLAY TO WIN, na! mate not on diablo franchise please, we love the theme so much, us die hard players really want to play it, but not compete against whales , what are you thoughts guys I now they don’t read these any more, haven’t seen a blue post in forums for about 2 years now - love to see a reply from the dev team to settle some nerves ,

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The most important thing, Bro, is that D4 did not work as well as the D3 implementation. Diablo 3 is out. A bunch of dogs happened constantly with legendary items, which was always garbage for a bucket and a poorly functioning auction, where the stones disappeared. It’s been 5 since the implementation of Diablo 3, but the developers in 5 years have not been able to make a normal system of dropping legendary items with the necessary stats, and not constantly falling trash. D3 was like a game of rubbish and beggars who sat on difficulty levels 3-5 with this constantly legendary and yellow loot - one rubbish and many D3 players stopped playing this garbage.

In D4 you need to add interesting items, such as women’s stockings, which you can wear on the head behind the helmet, add power loads, dumbbells … not a monotonous boring D4 with legendary items and all this constantly falling yellow trash to be that - something interesting, except for the endless search for legendary cowards with the right stats, that is annoying! All this stupid idea of ​​finding the right item with the right stats is just disgusting at some point … uninteresting and boring.

Add new interesting ideas and solutions, not stupid gaming for a stupid player, so that you don’t feel anything but stupidity …

they will ruin it with a sense of pride and accomplishment through using your credit card

DIABLO IMMORTAL everything works fine, what are you dissatisfied with again? Do demons have to be from the LGBT community?))