Diabolo Immortal: How long am I banned?

I got banned for some reason I don’t know, because I didn’t get an email and the supporter wouldn’t tell me. Yes, I still have access to my email and it’s the right one. Okay fine, I’ll wait, but for how long? In the support ticket they didn’t give me any information and in the game it just says your account is temporarily suspended. Any information would be great…

Stand up for Blizzard. Everything works clearly. I didn’t get a ban, if a ban didn’t come, it means that I didn’t break any rules.
I also hear that racism towards Russians is thriving in Blizzard, but I think that this is being promoted by other players on purpose. I have not seen racism from Blizzard or a ban because you are Russian. It’s all a hoax that racism is rampant in Blizzard - a lie!
The theory of racism towards Russian players - this is more likely invented or invented by other players who are committed to fascism. Blizzard has nothing to do with this. Yes, and fascism itself in Blizzard games, if you meet it, it will come from another player with a specific nickname and Nazi ideals))
You are an ordinary player who picks garbage in a common bucket. Blizzard won’t ban you. You are a poor player. Dressed in the worst armor and you immediately die))
Your fate or the fate of such a player is disastrous))

I got the temporarily suspended error code on my client after the 20 july patch,i submited a ticket and they told me im banned for ever.
The funny part is ,they didnt give me a reason why i was banned
and i was a legit player…i didnt do any kind of cheating or bad language.