Discrimination of World of Warcraft Classic players?

My fellow coplayers,

I am writing to point out the discriminative treatment of World of Warcraft Classic players.

About a week ago, due to a misunderstanding, I forgot to loot the Tsunami Talisman from Leotheras the Blind. When I returned there his corpse was gone also the precious trinket.

Since then, I have been requesting a compensation and repeatedly pointing out the lack of security measures regarding unlooted items and discrimination between World of Warcrat Retail and World of Warcraft Classic players.

According to the 16 CFR § 240.9 - Proportionally equal terms. | CFR | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (cornell.edu)

(b) “When a seller offers more than one type of service, or payments for more than one type of service, all the services or payments should be offered on proportionally equal terms. The seller may do this by offering all the payments or services at the same rate per unit or amount purchased.”

In other words, if Retail players receive unlooted items by in-game mail, Classic players should get them the same way too as they pay equal price for the subscription. And please, do not start telling me that the lack of this function represents the Classic experience.

If you had any doubts, let me ask you a question: If you wanted to watch an old movie would you also dig out the old buzzing TV with small blinking screen and VHS player to watch it? I doubt it. You would prefer to watch a remastered version in 4K on your huge flat plasma.

What I am trying to say is that despite World of Warcraft Classic makes us to experience the old adventures again, the game should be adapted to modern times. During years World of Warcraft improved a lot (graphics, dual talents, Dungeon finder, also security mechanism sending unlooted items to player via in-game mail). Refusal to incorporate at least some of these great improvements is inexplicable. In conclusion Classic players keep playing the old game for the same money as Retail players whose game is 18 years newer, modern, improved. Discrimination?

So what about all those players who pioneered the hashtag #NoChanges? Does their opinion not also count?

This mechanic you are talking about was not available in Classic and is still not available in Classic. Calling that discriminatory is hyperbolic.

Also, I would point out (as you quoted law) that Classic has no subscription of its own… it is included free with the retail subscription. So that law will not apply.

Finally… this post should be on the World of Warcraft Classic Forums, not Battle.net

Classic is supposed to be like what it used to be back in 2007-08. If you forgot to loot the boss, you lost the loot. It is as it is supposed to be