Do blizzard understand customer service?

Lets not mention how long 9.1 has taken and then it arrives rushed out with bugs galore…but to punish the player base for your untested and rushed design…really ??

Please see below my ticket and the sheer contempt of your customers.

The quest as you know is bugged, i managed to finally get the 8 kills to feed it, them mounted the slime and managed to get to 100%, but on doing so it dropped me through the world and killed me, not the end of the world…however its taken 3420 stygia off me and i cant get to any corpse…please replace lost loot…18.12pm
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
Howdy Patrick!

My name is Tech Specialist Game Master Thomas M. Thanks for reaching out to us on this loss stygia. I know losing this large chunk is a set back and hope it can be quickly refarmed.

At this time, it is the stance of the CS team that we do not restore Stygia for any reason. I am sorry you ran in to a bug that cause the loss, but this means we are unable to recover it for you.

Thanks for giving us a chance to work with you.
9 minutes ago
your kidding right ? have made a quest thats bugged to shit (all over the forums) and if you log on my character you will see the loot location for my dead body that is unreachable ? and the stance is f*** you…go farm some more ???

Just LOL at you lot really