Dragonflight Professions with Mark’s

I had a great idea for helping alts level, what if we could use the “Crafters Mark’s” (Blacksmithing example) to scale gear better. Let’s take the normal way this works:

Have mats
Use optional reagent (crafters mark 1)
Shrink crafted item to “required level 14 item level 19”

What if the better quality item crafted increased the quality of the item at the shrunk level.

For example if I crafted a bronze item it would be the same but if I crafted the silver level (2 star :star: :star:) version it came out perhaps 3 item levels higher so “required level 14 item level 22”
Maybe if I crafted the gold (3 star :star: :star::star:) version it would come out at “required level 14 item level 25” and so on up to legendary at 5 stars :star: :star::star::star::star: “Required level 14 item level 31”

I think this would be SUPER helpful for leveling alts who perhaps players want a little easier ride but have mats on there main they want to use, maybe they want to gear out there tank to burn thru some dungeons on, to power level him or perhaps they have a low level bank alt and want to just make him look cool :sunglasses: :joy:. Whatever the reason I think it would be an awesome change and I wonder what others feed back would be!

I’d also want to see a scale for the other “Mark” levels too, I did the first one because I know that bracket the best but what would sound good for the other brackets

Comment and leave your thoughts! Your ideas would be appreciated!