Drop issues and bugs

First things first, do you have a problem with WOMEN??? I do my best to do dungeons for some set items, like tons of dungeons, I get nothing and even if it happens rarely, they are not my set eg. channeling, primary attacks, etc and they have bad attributes. Secondly, I farm, a little, but I do and I haven’t recieved a good gear item in a lot of time, like a lot of time and its very dissapointing because everyone else grows in CR daily only I don’t… Thirdly, I got stuck in safe place in realm and the image blocked, I could move but the image wasn’t moving with me… why? If you hate women, don’t do it anymore cause WE DIDN;T DO ANYTHING BAD AT ALL, I just try to get my pink zwenson out of some legendary crests and my seeping bile cause they re pink and blue and very cute :slight_smile: Still also I’m very unlucky with 5 star leg gems, why are others so lucky? Is there an algorithm for who gets them better and who doesn’t or doesn’t get them at all? Please, if you can fix this, fix it. Thank you! Have great week and a great weekend!

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blizz dont care about us woman and dissabled 1s more so i spent £2000 not a single 4 stars or 5 stars has droped yet all 2s 3s blizz is a greedy un caring bunch of fat men there i said it you guys dont care