Endorsement ? gives angry people something to use against you

I just came back to game after a break of one season as the game is so TOXIC to find that I bop between rank 4 and 3 depending on how angry the team is or if you have have a killing streak you get reported, I am yet to get to level 5 as I am a sym/Echo player I have over 600 hours play time with Sym , normally I get sworn at and insulted by my own team, then get reported by other team for cheating or such like, or my team, tell me I am not a team player, IF YOU are in a (Find a Group) team I can understand but going in a Role que as DPS then you get a mouth full from everyone as they don’t like or cant play sym its kind of irritating, Bastion is normally what the other team pulls out to counter us, and my team craps them selves and blames me, So I am only allowed to play 76 / junk / hunzo? and a few others or you will be reported, stupid, as i am a very evil player with sym, new players need to understand her a little more … well there you go let the moaning begin, I just wish they could let you know what you have been reported for so we can respond, or is it equal to Trumpism - your fired and you don’t know why, he just dont like you . Cant wait for pve over watch love the brand its awesome … pitty about the toxic players tho