Entrance to shadowlands invisable

I logged into my lvl 50 warlock alt in Orgrimmar. When i logged on, the option to go to either the maw or ‘I have seen this before’ thing popped us from Nazgrim (NPC standing outside Krommash Hold). I didnt accept any quest, went on my flying mount to the Invasion Event to lvl from 50 - 60. Once I hit lvl 60, I went back to Orgrimmar, and the NPC dissapeared. I have no way to enter the Shadowlands. I have checked everything; quest log, campaign log, even went to Oribos to see if I could start there (using Mage portal), but like 70% of the NPC’s are invisable. There is no quest available for me. Bolvar NPC is also missing. I cant pick a covenant. I cant enter shadowlands. I dont use any addons - it seems like a bug. Please help. I also did the ‘Scan and Repair’, but after that, still no way to enter the SL…


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I could not report a bug becouse they want me to link all my computer stats which I dont know how to do. Also, can this be fixed so I can play with my covenant lol?

I’m a player… like you.

Not sure what you are referring to… I don’t play WoW. If you mean a DxDiag report, see the 2nd part of this Support note: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/12988

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