Error "Check your internet connection (EODNL)" when trying to download an update

I have a problem downloading the game file updates already directly in the game window. When trying to download the files, the message “Check your internet connection (EODNL)” appears. After clicking “OK” on the message window, the game shuts down.

This is not a problem that occurs in the application but already when downloading files in the game window. I am using the PC version.

The game was working fine before the last update.

The steps I have taken to try to fix the problem are:

  • A complete reinstall of the game
  • Scanning and repairing the files - an option from the application
  • Changing the DNS of the network connection
  • Restarting the router
  • Connecting to another Internet network (mobile Internet sharing)
  • /flushdns in windows cmd
  • Disabling the firewall completely

The above steps had no effect. Do you also have this problem and possibly ideas on how to fix it?

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ich habe das gleich Problem. Obwohl ich den PC neu gemacht habe,habe ich immer noch das selbe Problem, keine Internet Verbindung.

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