[EU - Ravencrest Alliance] WTS Heavy Junkboxes for "The Insane in the Membrane" Achievement!

Hi all!

I am selling Heavy Junkboxes on Ravencrest (Alliance - EU).
These boxes are used as part of the achievement “Insane in the Membrane”, which will give you the Insane title.

They are used for the Ravenholdt reputation. This reputation will also count towards the 100 Reputation’s Achievement.

5 Boxes will give 75 reputation for one turn in. You can increase the amount of rep gained through Darkmoon buff, aswell as a few world event buffs.

Neutral to Exalted: 2800 (2520 with 10% buff)
Friendly to Exalted: 2600 (2340 with 10% buff)
Honored to Exalted: 2200 (1980 with 10% buff)
Revered to Exalted: 1405 (1260 with 10% buff)

If you want to order an amount, message me in-game with your offer :smile:

My btag is: Peepbo#2634