Feel cheated and robbed by blizzard

Looked at price before new-year , 39 euro’s Promised it to my kid for his birthday.
Wanted to buy it at 16-01, but hey look its now up to 59 euro’s ?! wtf?
Promise is promise bought the damn game just to find out a few days later its back at 39 euro’s again.
This smells like a ripp-off and the use of tracking cookies to give me a artificial high price, like they do with online travel sales.
Very Very disapointed in Blizzard!! Dont think ill buy a game again from them, or the customer service should make a effort.

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If u gonna buy warcraft 3 reforged dont do it, your poor kid deserves a way game better, is the same as the original but with more bugs.

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The price set for a game that old remade, its insane u can buy much greater new games for this price

dude. that was during a sale. and if your pre-order. should have bought it then and not promise your kid stuff you cant do.