Fix these, make these!

Hey blizzard, I’m just a simple guy.
These are just some ideas I slapped on a notepad in my flight. I hope the players like them. If you do, make some noise :slight_smile:

Vault (as an immortal): come up with a queue up system.
It’s very annoying to spam clicking (not even mentioning the controversial use of autoclickers). Moreoever, if there is a queue, we all have the same chance of getting in and experiencing what vault defense as an immortal is.

Still in regards to vault, sometimes I just get in and I’m immediately stunned. Create an immune area or a countdown for the battle actually starts. It’s not fun to get in and die instantly without a proper battle.

Legendary gems:
Chip of the stone flesh should work with all skills that cause “loss of control”. Shouldn’t Wizard’s Blackhole and monk’s vortex, for instance, trigger the gem or is this intended to work like it’s working now?

Bottled hope could have an tiny icon next to the equipped buff skill in order to make the player aware that the next time we use that buff we know we will have bottled hope bonus active.

Fading embers:
It would be much better if there was no cap for the party bonus embers. I have no incentive of farming 8 embers each time because once the party bonus is capped I will do over world farm or dungeons - much better rewards.
Unless monsters essences start to drop from rifts, I would farm them in there.

In regards to rewards, bounties need better rewards… and im not saying crafting materials because those are easy to get just by doing anything else, getting gear and salvaging them. Make it like the bestiary where you have a higher chance of a legendary item.

Hidden lairs, create a time bar on top of it like the portal for instance so we know of we have to rush to get people or maybe join it with just 2 players. It’s very annoying waiting for a 4th player to get the bonus chest at the end and suddenly the lair closes.

Armory, it’s super frustrating to get a small gear upgrade because I need to keep changing my loadouts for 3 CR. I have different builds for dungeons, pvp, and even different pve builds. When I get an upgrade I get mixed feelings because I’m gonna waste 5 long minutes running back and forth in between the armory and the essences transfers to update my builds one at a time.

Speaking of legendary essences, any plans to add set items essences extraction? Is it really intended to farm the same dungeons over and over in H3, only to repeat them in H4, only to repeat them in H5, only to repeat them in H6 (by the time you add it)?

On that note… Gambler, we should be able to gamble green set items, or is this intended to work as it is? Because at the moment it’s just bait and everyone realised it by now.

Charms, just an idea but I think it’s very frustrating to have a 4% and manage to roll the right skill to try for something more than 4% and we roll a 2%… you could make it all 2% to start with and each time we roll it again, we could have +2% stacked on it. Someone with a 10% charm meant that they rolled 5x +2%. This would be much better design imo.

If you like these and / or have more suggestions, please jump on the bandwagon and comment below :slight_smile:
I’m sure there is many more ideas to be mentioned!

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