Fps drop when picking up items (PC Version)

Im getting fps drops when i pick up items, if i relog it fixes it for a couple of minutes then it starts again

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Each time I open a chest or a treasure goblin dies the game freezes badly.

Yes, same happened last night. Happens after a while. Relog fixes the issue. Guess it’s database traficc/lag or latency issues. When it starts it happens on every armor/weapon item. Not orbs and gold pickups.

Same for me, after playing 40 minutes I get FPS drops when I pick only armor equipament items (gray, blue, yellow or legebdaries), aspirant keys, crests, gems, etc… EXP/Health globes and coins are good, no FPS drops…

I play on PC + PS Controller because I love how the game runs in High graphics and ulimited FPS, I also tested in Low graphics at 60Fps but still the same issue with picking items after playing 1 hour, also I get randomly pop-ups “Connection lost with servers” but I only press “X” and still in the game.

Please fix it for PC players.