Game freezing when opening in-game windows

Hi, The game starts fine, and I can do pretty much everything except open my inventory, which disables any ability I have to interact with the game; all I can do is close the window and start the game again. However, despite the screen shadowing over, I can still see players moving about. It also behaves similarly when opening the events tab/window. I have never had a problem with the game before, until the 15th January. So far, I have: 1. Changed the graphics setting, 2. Changed the window modes, 3, renamed the folder, 4. Updated my graphics driver, 5. Scan and repaired the game, 6. Cleared all the caches that can be cleared on my PC (Windows 10). Nothing has worked. I don’t have any overlays. Can anyone help?

Edit: A few days later… Solved: I tried a few other things, but the only thing that worked was uninstalling the program along with the Diablo Immortal program. It took a while, but it appears to be solved. Thanks for all your help :sweat_smile: