Game loads half off pc screen

Played the game fine all day yesterday and into the wee hours this morning… tried to load it to play after lunch today… and login screen loads half off of my monitor screen… the game itself, once you login, loads half off the screen as well… making the menu button and bag button totally unusable… and half the other play buttons unusable… and you cannot move the screen, even by windowing out… the cursor will not move past the edge of the game screen, even while windowed out… I have done repair, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc… same thing every time… pretty frustrating


I have exactly same problem, any idea to fix it ?


The game settings are saved in the config file, located in Diablo Immortal\LocalData. You can try to delete it before launching the game to see if it makes any difference.

You can try to close the background applications if not tested yet :


Does this help ?

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I tried to run from the binary but needs the launcher to connect. So I looked up the list of command line arguments. Next to play (in blizzard launcher) click the cog (options), Game Settings, Check box for command line arguments and put “-fullscreen” (without quotes). It starts up like its going to be off screen but kicks into a working full window before the char select. I don’t know if it fixes it or last 4 times opening it I’ve been lucky. but since this is closing in a day, thought I’d post it just in case.

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