Game started to crash after last update (PC)

Hi there, I play in PC (Asus Tuf) and never had any problem like this, but since the update the game started to crash, specially in the vault every time I go from floor 1 to floor 2, sometimes it also crashes when I try to leave the vault.


I have the same problem upon switching floors or exiting the vault the game would crash / close


why when i ask about (will diablo 4 use D-e-n-u-v-o) do you not post it as anew topic

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I have crashes when go to 2nd floor and when i go out on 3rd floor

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Have the same problem. According to a survey on our server, this affects all PC players! Vault is not playable like this.

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Same here, more than annoying…
You go from 3rd floor to 4 and it crashes…
You reconnect killed obviously by the immos everytime…

We are looking into some odd crashes on the PC client for Diablo: Immortal, that seem to especially happen in the vault


I have the same problem on Pc, if i go to 2nd floor, or quit from vault.
Never seen this problem before last update.

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4 days are up.

What is the result of the crash investigation?

When will this be fixed?

No improvement since the last patch.

vault crash; when changing levels.
Tower crash, port westmark.
Shop sometimes doesn’t work.

In your old games there were sometimes errors, but no crashes.

Your work, your love for your games has gotten worse

I have the same problem but my screen freezes when the last player steps on the tile to drop to the next floor. I then get a windows message saying “the Diablo Immortal program has stopped working and windows will close the program.”

Hi, the stability of the PC client is worst and worst. The fact that it is still in beta after a year and many bugs still remains shows that you don’t care about this platform (after all, it’s a money grabbing mobile game).
But could you at least logs the errors ? So even if you can’t/won’t do much to fix things, at least we can investigate the problem (for example, since I disabled FSR, I’ve seen less crashes).

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I was hoping that the issue would be resolved after the update yesterday, but it is still happening. The game crashed every time after level 1 and 3 of the vault. Please fix.

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After the last patch (yesterday) game started to crash on BG also. Accursed towers have the similar problem - crash during the run and teleport to Westmarch

It seems things are fixed on my side, after last patch no more CTD :grinning:

Not solved at all… as boring as the game with all the bugs

Yup, after 3 days without problems, game started to crash again… :roll_eyes:

Any update regarding these issues from the dev team? While you’re at it - PLEASE put some effort in updating the “bugs and known issues” etc. page(s) for PC; the latest update information is from November…

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