Games prices for Ukraine

Good day dear Blizzard! My name is Vlad. I am writing to you from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. As you may know, my country is currently at war with the Russian Federation. My city is actually the front line between the civilized world of goodness and the world of terror and chaos. I’m sort of in a Sanctuary on Earth. My country is currently in its most difficult times because we are fighting a very strong enemy.

I am writing you this letter not with the purpose of pressuring mourning, but with the purpose of drawing your attention to the fact that in such a difficult time, I, as a simple citizen of my country, would like to distract myself from what is happening in 50 kilometers from me, from the daily sounds of alarm and power outages, I just want to play your games, namely the game I’ve been waiting for a long time, Dialbo 4.

When I first saw the trailer for the game I was over the moon with how great it was! I’ve rewatched it dozens of times and enjoyed it every time! This is a masterpiece! I’m really looking forward to the release of this game, but when I saw the price, I was a bit surprised… 2449 UAH for the standard edition is… it’s a bit too much for me.

I don’t know what awaits us in half a year, whether I will be able to afford such an acquisition or whether it is better to leave it for food. I really believe that I will be able to buy the game, so please, review your pricing policy for games for Ukraine, I understand that de facto we are in the Eurozone, but in reality, $60 is a significant amount that hits our wallet right now.

Dear Blizzard, please reconsider your regional pricing policy, make your great games more accessible to us!


Would be nice, if someone of Blizzard moderators will ban this guy ^^^ for pro-russian propaganda. Thx.

UPD: Thank you!


I fully agree with my fellow citizen. Now there are problems with the economy in our country, but this does not negate the fact that there are a huge number of fans of the Diablo game series among Ukrainians. Nevertheless, most Ukrainians simply cannot play this game. In peacetime, 2500 UAH is not that much money for a project like Diablo, but now there is a war in our country and this is a lot of money. We are still alive and we still want to enjoy simple things like games. Please don’t take this opportunity away from us. Make regional prices for Ukraine.

And yes, I think you saw the aggression of a person from Russia in this post (whose messages have already been deleted).
Thank you.


A small company, Blizzard, sets high prices for its games for a country that is fighting to keep all of Europe safe. Blizzard, I’m ashamed of you!


Not all ukrainian gamers have a lot of time to farm value in other games and get this game in that way, without money. For that also need electricity, that also we dont have 24/7, some regions dont have it for few days. I’m glad if you have enaugh money for this game and electricity to play other game, but you are not most of ukrainian users. Many people in Ukraine work for 200-300$ a month, or even less if you dont know it. And if you dont know, we still are not in European Union, and even contries that already there have more local discount, and dont have war out the window.
Your comments about eggs and Porsche make me think you are a troll or russian. Diablo 4 is not a Porsche lol, its a game, and its can cost 50$ or 100$, depends on region. And most of gamers of our region will prefer to not buying now, so its simple match here, Blizzard can sell xN number of copies for price that they do for us now, or x5*N or even more, for less price, and get much more players on the start that is better for this game too.
But you only see whine in this topic, so you sure we all are live in one country? Cause your speech seems like you dont have any problem with money or electricity.


I also have doubts about the “nationality” of this man, but it does not matter. We need to learn not to pay attention to trolls, aggressive Russians or provocateurs. The theme was created in order to reach out to Blizzard and any activity in it is good. Thanks for the correct answer!

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This price is also extremely high in other smaller European countries too and soon it will be in bigger ones too. Despite we are not in war, but this war makes life very expensive everywhere else in Europe too as gas and electricity prices became 5-7x times higher after the sanctions against the RF started to cut away fundamental global trading chains and then all companies started to sell everyday goods for at least 2-3x prices within just a year. So people are now becoming poorer throughout whole Europe day-by-day, if Blizz wants to keep this market area, then they need to sell the game for maximum 30-40 EUR’s. Also other American companies need to provide very cheap prices for European customers if they want to keep the good relations with us.


It is very strange that in today’s world, where the standard of living in each country is different, such mega-corporations as Blizzard do not apply regional prices. Greed knows no bounds. I am Ukrainian. My country was attacked. Playing good games is distracting from all the bad things that are happening around. But at this price, there is no way to buy games. I am 90% sure that employees will not pay attention to this topic and this makes me sad.


Bad bad bot. Very bad.


I have been playing many of Blizzard’s games for a very long time. Diablo is not exception. I’m waiting for Diablo 4 like no other game…But when I saw the price…it’s makes me upset. In that hard time for Ukraine, when russia attacks, when ukrainian people suffering…I think the price of Diablo 4 for my country is completely inadequate. Too bad that there is no exception for brave Ukrainian people, who protect Europe from onslaught of the aggressor. There is a fact that in difficult moments, true friends are known. I would really like to hope that my favorite game campaign will pass these difficult times with Ukraine together with understanding and love for the players.

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Play Overwatch2 it is free to play…

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Why would Ukraine get special prices? That is crazy… There are people that have been suffering a lot longer, and they don’t get deals for sob stories… Why not play a free to play game like Overwatch2 ?


I agree war in your country its tragic situation.
But this is no reason why you can have cheaper games.
In my country Czechia … There isn’t war but we have 19% inflation. Lot of ppl working for 250-300 euro/month and we still not complain about this.
Every country have his owns problems.
You dont have money?
a) get better job
b) try to do some business
c) move to better country

If there is war in my country. I leave 100% with my family. I don’t think is Worth to risk life for some political problems. Only where i wish to war is in the WoW :sweat_smile:.


70$ is generally too much for this game. Esp when there is a free-to-play Path of Exile around.

Мда хохлы как всегда строят из себя невинных и думают что на все просьбы крупные компании пойдут на уступки. Просто смешно. Постыдитесь себя

Absolutely agree, because recently lots of Ukrainian people hasn’t job and also hasn’t housing due russian pederasion invasion. We not expect fast changes.

I know if I was 50 miles from the front lines of Russia I would have a gun popping Russians. I wouldn’t be posting on a blizzard website. It’ll be fighting for freedom of my country. Just saying

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