Gathering shadows quest

Hi Blizzard,

Unsure how much this has actually been reported. But it’s been broken for nearly a week, and I feel everyone that is stuck like this needs some assistance along with decent compensation for not being able to enjoy the rewards, continuing the quests or enjoy the lottery.

I’ve already spent more than I’d planned to with this, which is completely my own decision to do so, but when this is meant to be a top tier mobile game I feel game crushing bugs like this need to be fixed quickly.

How on earth this wasn’t discovered in testing is beyond me.

It gives you two items, and instantly prompts you to donate those items to help build your dark clan, so you follow the game guiding you to do so, then right after it asks you to donate one of those items for the gathering shadows quests, which you now can’t do as you just used them for your dark clan progression. Leaving you stuck with no way to progress and you now also can’t join the lottery, yet you still get a notification what feels like every 30mins prompting you to join the lottery, which just adds more salt to the wound….

This bug is driving me mad and I feel I’m missing out on an entire chunk of the game.

Please fix this and compensate asap.


I have the same Bug and its kinda triggering getting all the time the notification that the Shadowlottery started.

Yo tengo un bug distinto, cuando conseguí las sombras ya fui directamente a mi Clan para dárselas, y ahora no me deja acabar la misión ya que no tengo más la sombras.

Have the same problem.
Has anyone tried to leave the clan, then you can re-participate in the lottery?

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I ran into the same problem. How do we get this fixed when the game doesn’t have GM support in EU?

Same situation, stuck with Shadow lottery quest, unable to neither progress nor to drop it due to the fact of contributing both signets towards the Dark Clan conversion, as happily prompted by the game in a very wrong moment.

I’ve read that leaving the clan can help in resetting the lottery quest from its stuck status. Can’t really do that though - I’m the only member, the founder and leader at the same time. Leaving the clan would send creation cost of 3000 Platinum down the drain. Any ideas on applicable workaround?

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no one seems to be able to find a solution for this problem, it should be quit the task and be available again

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