General ideas for the game

Hi team, first of all good job on the game it’s really beautiful, however I wanna share some ideas with you that might help the game a little, I wanna suggest an event that takes place every weekend that basically triples the drop chance of everything and everywhere, and some class ideas like an old fashioned gunslinger using old revolvers,shotguns and rifles, a Knight’s templar,a martial artist using his fists and a Japanese samurai, yeah I mean like let’s take advantage of asian players as well, and I have an idea for a new Uber unique for sorcerer that changes ball of lightning into beam of lighting disintegrating everything in it’s path, I would like to hear your thoughts on these, please send me an email about this

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This forum is exclusively dedicated to collecting feedback on the launcher app. No drops and no classes here!

You probably want to post you ideas in the correct forum for the game your’e thinking of – whatever that might be…