Getting stuck in a ticket loop asking for a refund on Overwatch

Dear Blizzard staff,

I purchased Overwatch and could not get it to run that I would like it to on my machine. I ran all possible checks and options to see if it is possible through the current tech support available. I have made a ticket to request a refund.

Ticket US84102847. It was closed by an automatic service or an employee with the response that I need to re-open a new ticket for review by a Blizzard employee but there is no option to do so. I tried this 3 times but I keep getting the same response on ticket US84102847, US84103389 and US84103536. I would really like to get this game refunded please as I have no played a single game or spent more than 10 minutes in the menus.

Thank you for your time.

Hey there RunHollow,

This can happen if you send several tickets about the same issue without the previous ones being closed or deleted. We recommend sending a single ticket for each case - please remember that the average response time is around 24h.

I see your issue has already been handled by Customer Support so I will be closing this thread now :slight_smile: