Gifted MW2 does not appear in my games list!

So, a friend gifted me a MW Vault Edition, I redeemed it, get some Ghost and M4 content in MW2019, but could not redeem a code for Beta and game does not appear in list of purchased games, hence I cannot install it. Any tips on that?


same has happened to me and my wife i gifted her mw vault edition and she cannot download it but if she trys to buy it it says she already has it hope this gets sorted soon


One can hope.

The issue is known by Blizzard and has been escalated to the right team… see the 2 posts by Blizzard here and here.

There is also a topic on the NA forums that you and/or your wife might want to follow… here:

Your wife may want to add a comment in that topic (if she wants to).

There has been no statement yet of how this should be reported…

Good luck to your wife and you with this issue.

Hi all,

Blizzard’s response on 24 Oct…

Hey everyone,

Thank you for your reports! We are investigating this issue and we will provide updates here as they become available. We aren’t aware of any workarounds or solutions in the meantime since the underlying issue is isolated to the license/account.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!


Pls ask your wife to try it now… it looks like the issue may have been resolved.

Good luck in your games !