Got penelty in BG due to server lag

The game worked just fine and I join a battleground. During the countdown I notice that I cannot select any teammates. I can however see them move and when the game starts I charge forward, only to notice I do no damage and my area buffs does not hit anyone but me.

I continue to play hope that this is some glitch and it will go back to normal but then i get a warning that Im idle and if dont move I will recieve a penalty. But I am moving, what am I supposed to do? Im in the game where I can move around freely and I see game progress through my character but the server says at the same time that I am idle.

A minute later i get a message that I will receive a penalty for being idle. How is that fair that I receive a penalty for your bugs? For those who really are AFK on purpose, ban them for all I care, they destroy the experience for others. But, you should have more evidence and way more bugfixes to prevent that kind of limbo that I were in.

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