Graphic glitching occurs in random 5-ppl dungeons

This is how it looks like in the game, although the video itself doesn’t give enough credit to the situation. The actual glitching is much worse sometimes.
streamable. com / t6td4r
In order to clarify things so that we won’t be dealing with “check if your PC is switched on” solutions:

  • this only started happening since the release of 9.1;
  • this only happens in 5-ppl dungeons (haven’t seen it happen on any battleground or in any raid);
  • this has happened 12 times out of 14 total during Timewalking Dungeon runs;
  • this does not affect any other game except WoW;
  • …and yes, I MEAN it, just as I’ve recorded this tiny video I immediately alt-tabbed and loaded both Destiny2 and FFXIV game clients, logged into both of them and entered both gaming worlds, then travelled to places with above average FPS drain - not a single glitch has occured in those games, while WoW kept glitching until I Alt-f4’ed the process;
  • toning down graphics from Ultra to Lowest does NOT fix this;
  • disabling all addons (yes, I mean ALL of them) mid-dungeon-run does NOT fix this;
  • this glitch DOES get temporarily fixed by closing WoW process and restarting it;
  • …but this ‘solution’ is worthless because more often than not the game just begins glitching again once I log back into the 5-ppl dungeon;
  • this has happened twice in Shadowlands content (DoS key run - once, Tazavesh HM run - once);
  • GPU driver update did not solve this;
  • GPU driver rollback to 2019 version did not solve this;
  • GPU driver reinstallation from scratch did not solve this;
  • GPU core temperature did not exceed 59C degrees at all times.
    Most importantly: no GPU failure could possibly cause the GPU to start showing my ‘out-of-form’ keybind panel or hidden panels ‘3’ and ‘4’ over the Bear form keybind panel. No GPU failure would start showing random WoW interface icons and symbols over the places they clearly shouldn’t be at. This is obviously a WoW interface malfunction and I want to know how to fix this mess because literally every single 5-man dungeon is a potential disaster for me.

I’m open to suggestions, gentlemen.

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I’ve had the exact same problem last night. Exactly as you describe it. I’m running a Lenovo Legion laptop. Fully updated.

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Hey there Bottox,

Make sure both the game and the App are using your discrete graphics card and not the integrated device.

This is done through the Nvidia Control Panel or Radeon Settings. I suggest searching for guides on these if you’re not already comfortable with them.

As a side note, you would be better of making a post about this type of thing in the World of Warcraft Technical Support forum next time.