Graphic performance loss after maintenance

As in the description I’m getting screen freezes while detonating bigger amount of mobs. I experienced that before maintenance but It wasn’t that severe. Now whole screen freezes for a split od second before maintenance it was occasional stattering. Any explanation please?

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I never had screen freezes before this patch (PC Beta), after this patch I am getting a few screen freezes when a lot of stuff are happening. So I suppose it’s similar to the situation of the post creator.

Same but only when picking up an item

Hello all,

For this kind of problem, you can try closing the background applications. If you updated your graphic drivers recently, you can try installing a previous version.

If you don’t see any improvement even when testing with lower settings, it’s a potential bug worth reporting :

Hello. Thank You for response!
I changed drivers and lowered graphic settings but game still freezes. Before maintenance I was able to play on high graphic setting with almost no issues (only AA reduced to low) and now almost everything is set on low. My PC isn’t new and strong but in comparison I am able run Forza Horizon 5 on extreme details and getting 60-80 fps. I suppose DI has lower requirements than FH5. Regards