Guest account merge issue

I am unable to merge DI guest account with my account due to supposedly different regions. Both my and DI accounts were created in Poland. The phone region I opened DI account was set to polish as well. How could the account be created with a different region?

I contacted support about this issue and they are unable to find my guest account in the system. I provided them screenshot of the login screen so they can see the battle.tag.

Is there a way to tell what region is my DI guest account if it is not Poland/Europe? If i know the DI guest account region I could switch my region to that of the guest account using the region switch option and then change back to Europe with DI guest account connected.

Right now I play on the guest account having invested a lot of time and some money into the character and I can’t be sure if the account is safe.

My guest account battletag is MagicTurtle#993965530391

I find it weird because my girlfriend made her account with me and her battletag was her first character name and a short numer. My battletag on the other hand was completely random as neither of my toons was named MagicTurtle.

The gest account auto creation is a disaster, game should prompt you to log in with your account and only after you refuse and express a need let you make a guest account.

Hello Vicissitude,

Thank you for the details. The guest account you’re currently using has been created on the US region, meaning you won’t be able to link the Diablo Immortal account on it with an EU account.

As there’s a significant progress on it, you can either keep on using it as a guest account or link/upgrade it to an US account :

Even if you choose to continue as a guest, don’t worry, the account will be safe. It will only be a problem if you uninstall/reinstall the game or change device. You’ll have to contact our services to recover it.

Actually reply to some of these threads about the obvious cheaters in game? Instead of replying to everything BUT that.

Thanks for the reply. You saying my guest account is safe is very comforting. What do you mean by saying there is a significant progress? You mean the cross regon DI guest account process is being worked on? Can we have some hope?

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