Hacked account, help! Wow Classic

Hello! My account has been hacked. I got a message ingame and they told me to log into a site that seemed true. And as much as I panicked I did. I know it was a silly thing of me to do, and I really hope for quicker reply to my ticket so I can get my account back. They have changed my email and theres no way for me to change it back. Any idea how I can get faster reply from a GM? :frowning:


If you have already submitted a ticket and have a ticket number… then that’s all that you can do. You will need to wait until your turn comes up.

If you were logged on with this account when you submitted the ticket, you can view its status here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/case

There is some information on hacked accounts here:

Hopefully, Blizzard will get to your ticket soon and allow you to regain control of it.