Have orange screen on startup

Diablo Immortal has been showing an orange screen after loading game files. I have updated my drivers and everything but it still has the same issue. HDR in windows is also disabled. I have contacted the Game master and they told me to create a thread here.
I would appreciate the help as soon as possible.

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I have the same issue. Please help.

They are saying that they don’t have any fix for this issue yet so all we can do is wait for an update or hope for it to be resolved.

Hello all,

This is not a known issue currently. It’s possibly caused by another program, often overlays. This article might be enough to solve the problem :

In case of a bug, you should report this problem on our forums.

Try deleting “Patch” folder in \Diablo Immoral\LocalData, worked for me even after an update broke it again

same here :frowning: it worked fine this morning.
orange screen with a flickering horizontal line. no background music also

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i tried that but no luck :frowning:

I have this same issue as the others have mentioned in this thread.

After my game crashed earlier today, the next time I opened the game, I’m experiencing the orange screen on startup.

I have rebooted my computer, scanned and repaired the files, and also tried deleting the \Diablo Immoral\LocalData\Patch folder.

Although I only have a web browser (chrome), Brave, steam, and Nvidia control panel as non windows processes, which I’ve had open fine in the past, I have also tried closing every non windows related process other than battle.net and DI, and the game still does not launch.

Same problem here. Started yersterday. Orange background with flickering horizontal line from left to right.

I ended up completely uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it for me.