Hearthstone gifts that you already own on new subscription deal

So… Here is my problem:

I’ve subscribed to wow for a year and a half with 1 month or 2 off in summer '20. Last pay was made on May this year.

I also play casually HS. For that game i bought both of last expansion prepurchases (at the end of July).

Later I bought the Tabern pass. But even if i usually pay for goodies with money, i would obviously waited a month to get it for free with the promotion for mercenaries (for which i bought the 3 prepurchases).

Since it has passed a month already, and i had use my extra XP, i’m obviously not elegible for returning that buy and get my 20€ back.

But for sure i believe i deserve something for those 13€ i’ve overpaid, i would never paid those if i knew i would get that for free later; and i’m sure you could put that promotion when the mount for subscription got out early this summer.

Thanks for reading, and sorry if my english is a bit rusty.
Also, not sure if this post belongs here, sorry if not.