Hearthstone, the worst game ever

Hearthstone was good game untill 5 years ago, but now its festered with only the netdecks.

Never install this game, cos there is no creativity in it anymore. All wanna-be’s just copy-paste a deck and play with manual, cos their own brain capasity cant handle a single thouhgt of their own. Basicly they play with pure luck and gloat after they manage to win by pulling all the cards they need from their deck.

Basicly the game has gone to a point, where everyone play the same deck and that guy wins who’s got the best luck… so sad.

basically, streamers an net decking have made it nigh unplayable you’re just rolling dice with a few pics an animations going on in the background to make it look more like an actual game.

its plagued with desperation decks and cocky little ****'s playing netdecks badly and not even understanding how bad they are because there just winning going face with everything anyways lol, ridiculously bad card game dont even bother playing.