Help! Partners Account Lost


I am trying to transfer my partners Destiny 2 account from to steam before 1st December.

Her is Jenjen9001#2408. When we try to login neither of her emails are recognised as having an account. We raised a ticket with Blizzard and even attached her driving licence as requested. We were quoted a 24 hour reponse time, it has been one week and we have heard nothing.

Please help! She has paid for the game, expansions, earned exotics and done raids and it will all be lost for no reason.

Thank you,


Hello Ragnotzo,

Unfortunately, this is not something we are able to assist with over the forums. If your friend has already contacted our Support Team, please ask them to double check their emails (junk and spam) as our emails can end up there. There should be a copy of the reply in the email.

Failing that, ask then to reach out to use directly using this link. Our Support Team will be able to assist from there.

There has been no reply. Ticket number is EU74637523 please can you look at it now?

We are not able to review support requests over the forum sadly. If your friend is unable to find an email, please ask them to use the link in my previous reply to contact our Support Team directly.

That doesn’t help, we don’t have a mobile number on the account. Please can you ask a colleague who can help to contact us?

If you haven’t had a reply by tomorrow then you can reach us via Live Chat, which will be open from 1300 - 1500 UTC.