Hladam novych hracov slovakov a cechov

nazdar hladam novych hracov slovakov a cechov na warzone medzi 30-50 rokov starych, ja mam 40 a som priemerny hrac mozno kus lepsi ako priemer to je jedno chcem len s dakym zahrat ked tak sa ozvite mozem hrat kazdy den poobede len tak zahrat pokecat kludne
plus nejake tie pivka do toho , tak ked tak sa mi ozvite diky caute

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Czechoslovakia no more?
I remember exactly that in 1960-1970 and possibly after 1970 there was a single state - Czechoslovakia, and then this state was divided into 2 states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but what’s the difference?
What is the difference between the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
Why was the state of Czechoslovakia divided?
Czechoslovakia was destroyed by traitor capitalists?
I remember exactly that Yugoslavia was destroyed by the traitor capitalists, they simply tore this country into many parts in order to pursue their damned capitalist policy there?

It was necessary to unite all the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Yugoslavia and call Czechoslovak Yugoslavia!

Traitor capitalists have destroyed everything for the sake of their damned capitalist interests. Damned traitors from the USA!