How long for support to answer

2 days since I left a ticket and still no answer from support… .

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There are no statistics that I know of… I would think it would vary according to the subject matter for the ticket. For most players reporting on ticket waiting times, it seems to be around 2 weeks or more.

So I wont be able to play my character for two weeks because its locked? Isn’t better to refund the game time then?

What game is this for ? WoW ?

Yes, had a billing issue from an old refunded race change then, the tips said I had to buy another one to unlock it…


Don’t know what the waiting time is for that type of issue…

This forum is for technical support on the Classic Games – legacy games such as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. It also serves as a focus for technical issues with the Battle.Net app and Activision’s CoD games.

WoW (all versions) has its own forums… including a Customer Support forum. The Blizzard reps there aren’t GMs, so they probably cannot resolve the issue. They might be able to suggest alternatives to a ticket however…

Good luck with this… here’s hoping that you can resolve this issue sooner rather than later!

Cheers !