How to play without russians

In light of what is happening in Ukraine, show support and do something to separate russians from ukrainians. We couldnt play together.
It might be - exclusion of Russian servers from EU, exclusion of Russian players fron eu servers, maybe separate no-russian servers we could migrate to.
Its nor a hate speech - hotels around the world have such practice
Or, maybe you have a better idea how to separate russians and we could play again. Many of my contacts wait to renew subscription when this problem will be solved somehow
Thank you ahead, Blizzard


The Russian people you play with may not want part of the war- stop putting all eggs in one basket. Not all Ukrainians are angels, neither all Russians. I know a few Russian people and have not discarded them because of this… such a dim view towards people using this blanket ban method!


Holly molly how fast this post got all the way down ,from game discussion question to the world experts justify wars and probably will start new one … Chill out people ,question from post maker was correctly on point since all I see ,nevermind which server I choise, there is like 70-80% russian players and they are very not friendly regarding communication with people who speaks english.

I must highlight that it doesn’t bother me at all playing with russians,after all i can understand partly chat cause my language have similarities with russian and also I have been playing DOTA 1 since its very own start on russian servers cause they where amazing players . And for the end if I got used to this matter ,try you as well . Stop war make peace . PLUR to everyone.


It’s because of propaganda from the both sides, and because West’s been hating Russia for a very long time, but now this hatred is legal to be shown and no one will judge you for this hatred. Ofc there are people who dont want this war and hatred on the both sides, but there are also a lot more of brainwashed people who trust to their government


The main thing is they somehow get through to even eu servers with a vpn or so. Officialy full Russian servers are not allowed i know, but they still coming over the wall to normal speaking servers!


The pussians all over the world are extremly supportive to Putin and his politics, they enjoy living abroad and being patriotic about their war crimes, just read the comments using translater on any ruski forums or telegram groups.


all Russian’s are Complicite in this illegal invitation of the Ukraine it’s in their power to stop Putin and his evil empire, you stupid uneducated field dwellers who would sell their granny for a potato are entering into these contracts knowing exactly where they will end up, they know it’s Ukraine so yes yes always yes it’s as much the Russian people and the government who keep this war going simple don’t sign up no more troops but they will keep coming and if the idiot’s thinks of attacking Moldavia but with what T34 coz there running out of tanks and everything else he’s a pratt


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Ha Yer right, as we all laugh at Russai and how backward the country really is the country is a joke but here is the kicker you are now a pariah sate, and you will need to brush off your old windows 3.1 PC because it’s all going to dry up there is no glory you silly boy
just another 35K dead Russians fertilising the wheatfield’s of Ukraine