I cannot add my phone number

I am from Ph and i can’t add my phone number even though i put my own number there it says that the phone number is invalid. Please help me what should I do?

This is usually because the phone is a Pre-paid Mobile, and not all of these support the Phone Notification system. You can try another browser and see if that helps, but Customer Support can’t add a number as we simply get the same error you do.

then please change the system !


This system of security verification is really crap ! you know its disturbing a lot of CUSTOMERS (REALLY !!!) but you dont change anything, in term of customer experience I would be fired from my organisation if I would provide such one !!!

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They just trying to make battle net accounts more “safe” but they doing it wrong … I just lost my old phone now i cant ever change my phone number cuz it needs to send me SmS code that i cant recieve ! they want me to send them my passport or iD card but im sure that’s not the right thing to do on the internet like that… =)

When you provide a government-issued photo ID, you need to cover the unnecessary details. They only need to see your First & Last Name, your address, your date of birth, and the name of the Government Body issuing the ID. See details here:

Once you have submitted the photo ID, remember to remove it from your computer.