I purchased the Battle of Azeroth and it didn't came

I bought World of Warcraft Battle of Azeroth yesterday and I don’t know how to run or install it. I tried to set up a new game account but it didn’t work. I would like to have it on one character but so far it shows me that I am still a starter edition and not a Battle of Azeroth edition. I wanted to buy the Battle of Azeroth because I didn’t want to have a 20 lvl limit and a 10 gold limit. I also play with friends and I couldn’t do a group.
Thank you for the advice!

–: JuliusSK :–

Hey JuliusSK!

Please keep in mind Battle for Azeroth is an expansion to World of Warcraft and not a full game on its own. You’ll need to upgrade your copy of WoW to a full one if you’ve not done that before or didn’t buy a general bundle that includes game time. Adding game time via prepaid game time or by activating a subscription will remove the Starter caps so you can play with full access.

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