I think Blizzard is kind of breaking international or local law and their own policy

So, Blizzard DOES NOT RESTRICT players (paying customers) from EU or Asia from buying WoW US License and play on US Servers. On top of that, they automatically set these different currencies based on our country/region due to legal reasons because they need to comply with international and local state laws.

They allow us to charge/top our Battle.Net balance so we can use it to make a purchase or buy an expansion.

BUT here is the kicker and strangeness begin, why can’t I use my Battle.net Balance KZT (it is automatically set to Kazakhstani tenge - which was used to be Russian Rubles before the Ukraine-Russia war) by Blizzard to purchase Dragonflight Epic edition with my currency via browser or in-game shop for my WoW US license. Why is it forcing me to use different currency than my national or automatically set by themselves Battle.net Balance? How fair is that? Can anyone more knowledgeable weigh in on this?