I won the BlizzConline Fridge... & they sent me one that will not work

Well, I tried emailing the BlizzConline team… even message Saralyn on LinkedIn… NO ANSWER.

During BlizzCon, Blizzard hosted a scavenger hunt and I entered. A month later I was notified that I had won the Coca-Cola Mini Fridge. I was super excited.

Then it did not come, and it did not come and it did not come… Blizzard said Coca-Cola was handling it.

Finally, it arrived and shared a video on LinkedIn… which got 38K+ views!
I wanted to share the link, but it seems I can not share links in posts

I thought it would be cool to share as I know tons of people in the games industry on LinkedIn.

Well… BIG PROBLEM… they sent a fridge that was meant for US electrical standards. Which is great if you live in the US, but I live in Germany. So they should have sent one that matches German electrical standards. It even has a US plug and not a German one… AMPS/WATTS/VOLTS and even outlets are different here!

So I researched transformers and converters. Reached out to one of the biggest companies producing transformers and converters. They told me that I should not use transformer or converters as they are meant for 15 minutes of usage. Fridges need to run longer than 15 minutes.

Then I contacted Innovative DisplayWorks (IDW) the makers of the fridge and they said I should contact Blizzard as they do not recommend using a transformer or converter either.

So I emailed Blizzard and even commented the LinkedIn post… NO ANSWER.

The BlizzCon team even had me fill out W-9 US Tax form in order to get the prize as it was over $200 in value.

So now I need help. I hope someone from Battlenet reaches out to the team to deal with this issue. As it is really annoying that no one is answering.

It is a beautiful fridge… you can see it in the video. It is just ashame that person responbile for sending the prizes did not make sure to send one that would work in Europe. I mean that person or the person from Coca-Cola surely has not traveled abroad, because any person with common sense would know better.

The prize was appreciated… I just need a solution.

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn.
Kenneth Shinabery


Yes, you can… and this is how you do it:

  • Put the link in your post as you would normally,
  • Highlight the entire link,
  • Click the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

That will convert your link to “preformatted text” and make it acceptable to the forum software. Links converted to preformatted text cannot be clicked on… but a reader can highlight it, copy it and paste it in his/her browser to check your video.

Good luck with the fridge… here’s hoping you find a way to swap it for one that will work in Germany.

These are the Classic Games Tech Support forum, and I’m afraid not the right place for this inquiry. Please get in touch with the Support Team via a ticket and they should be able to direct your inquiry to where it belongs.